Unstuck & Understood:
How to get out of the endless processing loops and communicate more effectively

March 28th & March 31st 2022

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Tired of getting stuck in conversations that seem like they're on rinse-and-repeat yet never actually get anywhere?

In two hours, I’ll show you some simple but powerful shifts to get you unstuck and understood, so you can actually address the issues you’re having and talk less about them so that you can free up your time together for more ease, pleasure, and joy in your relationship.

Join me for 2 hours and I’ll teach you..

  • why good communication isn’t just about being honest and clear - how and when matters way more
  • the fastest way to pivot when someone gets triggered so the conversation doesn't get derailed
  • my formula to get someone hear your when they often get defensive or hurt anytime you have constructive feedback for them
  • how to move past just understanding to actually taking action so that you can finally stop talking about the same thing over and over again.


To accommodate people in multiple time zones, the workshop will be presented twice -
on March 28th and March 31st.

March 28th, 2022 – 12:30pm EST

March 31st, 2022 – 7:30pm EST

Registration Full - Replay Available Soon

Live automated closed captioning will be available.

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Here's exactly what will be covered in Unstuck and Understood:

Part I:
Break out of the Loop

If you're stuck in a loop, resolving issues is arduous and draining at best, frustrating and seemingly impossible at worst. You need to find the exit ramps off in order to do things differently.

In Part I you'll learn:

  • the most common loops people get into and their exit ramps
  • a simple way to stop a conversation before it becomes a fight
  • the top 5 communication traps that you have to stop doing
  • one question to help you know if it's time to take a break

Part II:
Build the Path

Once you're out of the loop, how to create a direct path with your partner so that you can speak up for what you want, address problems proactively and work through difficult topics with more ease.

In Part II you'll learn:

  • how to create safety for people who have difficulty opening up
  • the 6 things that will help any conversation go better
  • a simple process to succinctly give feedback & how to listen
  • microscripts to keep things on track

Meet Your Host

Libby Sinback

Libby Sinback is a relationship coach and host of the podcast Making Polyamory Work. Libby is certified in Relational Life Therapy and trained in the Gottman Method. She has coached hundreds of people in breaking their unhelpful relationship patterns so that they can have happier, more nourishing love in their life.

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