Two feminine people with arms around each other

"I appreciate "being heard" without judgement and the way Libby is able to highlight the constructive side of any tough issue through reframing what I have said in a way that promotes accountability and actions I can take to do my part to repair the relationship."  

B. B.

Your relationships are deeply important to you. You cherish them, and know that if your relationships are in trouble, the other parts of your life will suffer too. So you don’t want to waste any more time. 

As your coach, I get quickly to the root of your challenges and help you figure out the steps you can take right now to move you and your relationships to where you want them to be. My approach is practical, action-oriented, and “no bullshit”. I help you identify and break out of harmful relationship patterns and rewrite broken scripts. I help you see and use your strengths and inner wisdom to make things better. I empower you to embrace yourself, and reconnect deeply with your people, so that love becomes an easy, integrated part of your everyday life

"Libby's coaching style prioritizes confidentiality, establishing a safe space for emotional honesty, and setting and respecting boundaries. The most important part? You and Libby both create this safe space -- coaching with Libby is a collaborative endeavor, a true partnership in the work."

S. H.

My Coaching

  • Supports a plurality of relationship dynamics including open, swinging, ethical non-monogamy, polyamory, kink, poly/mono, relationship anarchy, intentional monogamy and everything in between 
  • Affirms the full spectrum of experiences and identities around sexuality and gender including folks who are queer, asexual, genderfluid, transgender and agender.
  • Holds that my clients are whole, worthy and enough just as they are
  • Presumes my clients are highly competent and experts in what’s best for them
  • Is trauma-informed and body-positive
  • Supports creating and maintaining stable, long-term alternative family structures
  • Works to challenge the dominant cultural narratives that undermine healthy relationships and communities  

What to Expect

I conduct sessions via video conferencing on Zoom. Coaching includes text-based support in-between sessions and personalized practices, action steps, homework, and resources.

Coaching packages are available for individuals, couples, and groups.