How do we heal, grow, and thrive as humans? I firmly believe it is in relationship. We are wired for connection.

My clients come to me when they have big dreams for their relationships, but are often stuck or struggling. Sometimes they are trying to figure out how to make an open or polyamorous relationship work. Sometimes something else isn't working. Maybe they are longing for a fulfiling relationship, or they have just been feeling disconnected in an existing partnership, sometimes for years. They may have already tried many things, maybe even therapy or couples counseling, and it just hasn’t delivered. 

That's where I step in.

So few of us are ever taught how to have healthy relationships. Instead what many of us learn growing up and from our culture leaves us cut off from ourselves and each other. We sometimes end up performing roles that don't fit, locked in patterns that don't serve us, unable to stop fighting with those that we love. I am on a mission to change that.

Love is our birthright. It's why we're here.  

And I have done the work myself. I walk the walk, and I believe in taking my own medicine. Much of what I offer my clients are things I have done that have radically improved my own life and relationships. That's why I'm so passionate about helping you do the same.

Professional Training

Some Topics I Teach

  • Secure Attachment in Polyamory
  • Sexual (in)Compatibility
  • Accountability and Repair
  • Relationship Transitions

True Facts About Libby

  • Some of my identities are: I'm queer, polyamorous, on the asexual spectrum, panromantic, white & antiracist, a mom, a huge nerd...and more.
  • I first explored nonmonogamy in 1998. I have been actively practicing nonmonogamy while partnered with my husband for 10 years.  
  • I initially got involved with my local polyamory community after my first kid was born to connect with more like-minded friends.  
  • My local polycule includes 5 adults, 6 kids, and 1 cat.  
  • I produced, directed and starred in a sock puppet version of Into the Woods (I was the Baker's Wife of course.)
  • I have run two marathons. 
  • I've been swing dancing for 20 years.
  • I used to run a popular weekly karaoke night in DC.
  • I went to Space Camp more than once.