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Hi, I'm Libby.

I'm a queer, polyamorous mom and a relationship coach. I'm certified in Relational Life Therapy and trained in the Gottman Method. I also host the podcast, Making Polyamory Work.  

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My clients believe in love. 

They bravely challenge the limits of what they have been told is possible. A lot of them are polyamorous or some flavor of nonmonogamous. They desire to free themselves from limiting cultural scripts and dysfunctional patterns that hold them back from the relationships of their dreams. They refuse to accept the idea that love is scarce and finite, and instead seek to create relationships that are abundant, that are rich and deeply connected, authentic and nourishing, and healthy and sustainable. 

My clients are courageously creating their lives on their terms and finding tremendous growth, connection, and healing through love. 

My clients are amazing. They are my heroes.

What Clients Are Saying

"I have regained a lot of self-confidence, made significant gains on improving my marriage and making it a safe haven, and hugely developed my communication skills, boundary setting skills, and my sense-of-self in general."  


Libby's ability to listen and cut through the noise to help identify the root issue is really impressive, and exactly what we need. Truly, Libby provided much needed, life-changing relief to us, and useful tools to help us break this painful cycle we’ve been stuck in. I cannot thank her enough. I don’t think it would be overly dramatic to say she saved our marriage.

M. M.

"I am more present in my relationships whereever they show up -- intimate, friendships, professional and familial. By this I mean that I am more aware of the energy that I and the other person bring to the interaction and more empathetic with the other person and myself."  


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Making Polyamory Work tackles the hard questions about creating and maintaining honest, loving and sutainable non-monogamous relationships.

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